Our goal is to raise profitability and productivity of Estonian companies in manufacturing and service industries through introduction of Lean Thinking.


There is a Lean Thinking expertise centre in Estonia that helps manufacturing and service companies in finding effective ways to implement Lean Thinking.


Our team has a long practical experience in areas of Production Management and Lean Thinking. 
Lean Thinking has developed from Lean Manufacturing which in turn has roots in Toyota Production System. If one does not have experience in production management and does not know the practical aspects of it, then one cannot be a good Lean Thinking teacher. Why? Because such person is a pure theorist that has learned techniques of improvement, however does not know the subject of improvement.


In addition to strong practical skills our team knows the theory well – of both Operations Management and Lean Thinking.
Practise is good. However, experience shows that management of production without strong theoretical knowledge will not give desired results. The field of Operations Management gives strong structured understanding of how production and service companies are performing. Additionally continuous research in Lean Thinking area allows us to continuously improve our performance.