LEE has added own profile to database of Estoninan enterprises dealing with export

www.tradewithestonia.com - a database where enterprises from all the world can search for information on Estonian organisations dealing with product/service export, find new contacts and opportunities for co-operating. LEE in now also present at the database. 

By this moment LEE has exported its services to Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Ukraine, China and Russia - and LEE is willing to fulffil this list further.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWOIY9EdDSw - a video, which tells how this database is working and how it is useful for your enterprise.

Go for ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates with help of 2c8 Process Mapping tool

Lean Enterprise Estonia partner Nefab Packaging OÜ successfully passed the ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certification in February. It means that Nefab Packaging OÜis the first company in Estonia which passed the certification using 2c8 as a tool for Process mapping. Because of that success the value of visual Process mapping solution is proved again.

Quality specialist Helen Hilkja is sharing her impressions: “Company started to prepare for certification in year 2016 by renewing existing managing system and making it more simple. In the past times ISO certification meant a big number of documentation work, but due to new standards, now it is needed to focus on Process itself and company has to prove, that all essential activities are done properly: by this amount of documentation work is minimized on a whole managing level. The main interest of Nefab Packaging OÜ was to minimize existing managing system and make it easier, so workers get more interested and involved while working”.

Significant impact on creating main and supporting processes, which are up to date and take into account possible risks and improvements, was on choosing the right tool for Process mapping: the best choice was 2c8 program. Thanks to this, in cooperation with workers from different departments the main processes were mapped, map of business processes was created and managing system handbook was put together. With the help of 2c8 we could implement a process focused approach making preparation for certification significantly easy with adding irrefutable value. Positive feedback was collected from workers, different clients and partners.

Of course our work is not finished yet. It is planned to map Manufacturing operations to make production more effective and also map Work security managing system to apply for OHSAS certificate. Processes need a special attention and have to be reviewed all the time, but with help of 2c8 it became as easy as it could be”.

Helen introduced us some examples of Process mapping which successfully passed ISO certification:

LEE congratulates nefab packaging oü with a successful first step already made and wishes a lot of good luck for the future

Update for 2c8 Process Mapping tool is now available

Good news for 2c8 Process Mapping tool users – update for model 4.3 is now available.

During the update tool functionality has been made better and some new features have been added.

◙ Adding and editing text 

◙ Dashboard

◙ Sharing files and attaching them to an e-mail

◙ New and more comfy way to create Matrixes 

◙ and many more

Read about new features and terms of downloading a new version HERE. LEE team is always there for you to guide you through the updates.

Vision seminar at University of Applied Sciences

October was intensive with events. It is our pleasure to remember participating in Vision seminar (est Visiooniseminar) wich was held on 19th October in the hall of TTK University of Applied Sciences (TTK UAS).

Aleksandr Miina, LEE consultant, opened the seminar with an introduction to the Lean Manufacturing philosophy, showing its main principles andadvantages.

Also Ingrid Joost, who is a LEE consultant and a compiler of Manufacturing and Manufacturing Management studying program for TTK University of Applied Sciencesperformed a presentation of studying program and its links with contemporary Manufacturing trends.